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The Boeing 747- An Icon

The Boeing 747- An Icon                                                                                                       @New York Times It all began with a special project led by Joe Sutter, an aviation engineer. Pan American World Airways boss Juan Trippe ordered a plane from Boeing boss Bill Allen that should be bigger than the Boeing 707. Boeing only had 28 months to complete this huge project, an almost impossible task. In addition, they went into debt to the tune of 2 billion...

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Our new HOME PAGE welcome picture from @QUAX747

Beautiful shots and Pilot style of life from our new Guest Captain Claus Harder aka @quax747. Flying for Lufthansa on the A320, he's offering us regular feed about his travels and days off on the Sylt island, located north of Germany in the Kreis Nordfriesland - Land Schleswig-Holstein We are always curious an happy to check @quax747's new posts and creative pictures ; from his pilotdeck and "cloudsurfing", Nature, Bob, Anna and Annette die Möwe... A big thang you for letting us get so close... Satellite imagery taken from NASA World Wind software

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