RAW-9WS "Airframe structural sections" series

In collaboration with AIRSKINZ, we have the pleasure to present to you our new structural sections from the Airbus A320-200, Monarch Airlines, aircraft reg. #G-ZBAP.

The upcycled fuselage parts will be cut in pieces and transformed into beautiful table sculptures. We kept the pieces as raw as possible in order to provide an eco-friendly product. Please note that parts have encountered extreme conditions over the years ; they all have their own little flaws...

We will feature from small size to "monolith" 2,3 kg sculptures, with an customized authentification certificate.

Small size airframe sections are already for sale and stock will be regularly updated with a deadline fixed for end of October 2020. You can from now on pre-order the 3 white/blue combo "monolith".

We really hope you'll enjoy being a history keeper...

Stay tuned for new RAW-9WS posts

The Monarch A320-200 story by Airskinz :

"Aircraft registration G-ZBAP, serial #1605 was owned and operated by MONARCH AIRLINES. The aircraft which carried out it’s first test flight on the 20th September 2001 was delivered to AIR2000 on the 26th November 2001. After flying for FIRST CHOICE AIRWAYS, SKYSERVICE and THOMSON AIRWAYS, the aircraft joined the MONARCH fleet in 2014, after carrying millions of passengers across the world for 16 years. The aircraft was finally withdrawn from service after the collapse of MONARCH AIRLINES in 2017 and scrapped in the United Kingdom in July 2018".