©TAGDISPLAYsystem - #TDS_solidGuppy - Frame for Planetags® "Super Guppy" Solid colors
©TAGDISPLAYsystem - #TDS_solidGuppy - Frame for Planetags® "Super Guppy" Solid colors


©TAGDISPLAYsystem - #TDS_solidGuppy - Frame for Planetags® "Super Guppy" Solid colors

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#TDS_solidguppy of ©TAGDISPLAYsystem from 9wingspirit. The special limited edition, ONLY 18 frames with serial number and exclusive laser engravings. Once sold out this display will never be produced again !

Showcase your 4 solid colors from the SUPER GUPPY Planetags® release !

Framed in anodized aluminium and layered between 2 sheets of 3mm Acrylic GLASS.

For your viewing pleasure, display your 4 solid colors or combos tags in the 2020 born mobile frame system. With a clean aircraft inspired design to highlight your tags, the # TDS_solidguppy of ©TAGDISPLAYsystem is extremely easy to use, is extendable and allows you to enjoy and show your collections all around your space. From home to outdoor in your bag !

The #TDS_solidguppy Frame can be placed on a desk, a shelf or on a table. Highlight your favorite SUPER GUPPY Planetags, front and back. The frame is very stable, standing with the perfect inclination on the transparent notched stands.

The # TDS_solidguppy is made from anodized aluminium/plastic composite and   Acrylic GLASS. The frame has 4 easy fix knurled stainless steel thumb screws. The regular frame is made for 3mm maximum thickness tags.

©TAGDISPLAYsystem, the essential that will make every fellow collector happy !

We have organized a production agenda :

-orders made between the 1st and the 15th of each month will be shipped the 1st of next month (working days +/- 2 days).

-orders made between the 15th and the 30th of each month will be shipped the 15th of next month (working days +/- 2 days).

We can not guarantee the delivery time during this sanitary period of Covid 19, the delivery time also depending on the carrier outside France.

Characteristics for each FRAME :

  • width: 120 mm
  • length: 360 mm
  • depth: 9 mm (without stands)
  • depth: 150 mm     (with stands)

-Transparent Stands included,

-Tags shown in pictures are not included, the frames are empty and ready for your own tags.

-9wingspirit is not affiliated to any of the above mentioned brands.