©TAGDISPLAYsystem - #TDS_3  - Display 3 Tags !
©TAGDISPLAYsystem - #TDS_3  - Display 3 Tags !
©TAGDISPLAYsystem - #TDS_3  - Display 3 Tags !
©TAGDISPLAYsystem - #TDS_3  - Display 3 Tags !
©TAGDISPLAYsystem - #TDS_3  - Display 3 Tags !
©TAGDISPLAYsystem - #TDS_3  - Display 3 Tags !


©TAGDISPLAYsystem - #TDS_3 - Display 3 Tags !

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Discover the new mobile #TDS_3 of ©TAGDISPLAYsystem from 9wingspirit.

Showcase 3 tags from your favorite brand !

Framed in anodized aluminium and layered between 2 sheets of 3mm Acrylic GLASS !

Presented version is for displaying 3 Planetags® (not included).

For your viewing pleasure, display your favorite tags in the 2020 born mobile frame system. With a clean aircraft inspired design to highlight your tags, the #TDS_3 of ©TAGDISPLAYsystem is extremely easy to use, is extendable and allows you to enjoy and show your collections all around your space. From home to outdoor in your bag !

9wingspirit has adapted the ©TAGDISPLAYsystem to the five best-known brands, Planetags, Aviationtag, Airskinz, Airlinertags and Fuselage Creations. The #TDS_3 Frames can be placed on a desk, a shelf or on a table. You have the liberty to forward your Frames at your convenience and highlight your favorite tags, front and back. The frames are interchangeables, hyper modular and very stable standing with the perfect inclination on the transparent notched stands.

The #TDS_3 is made from anodized aluminium/plastic composite and Acrylic GLASS. Each frame has 4 easy fix knurled thumb screws. The regular frame is made for 3mm maximum thickness tags.


Characteristics for each FRAME :

  • width: 12,0 cm
  • length: 20,0 cm
  • depth: 9 mm (without stands)
  • depth: 15,0 cm (with stands)

    -Transparent Stands included,

    -Tags shown in pictures are not included, the frames are empty and ready for your own tags.

    -9wingspirit is not affiliated to any of the above mentioned brands.